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Brookings Institution: Growing Distrust between China and the U.S.

Although both Beijing and Washington consider the U.S.-China relationship to be the most important in the world, distrust of each other’s long term intentions (“strategic distrust”) has grown to a dangerous degree. The coauthors of this path-breaking study—one of America’s leading China specialists and one of China’s leading America specialists—lay out both the underlying concerns … Continue reading

Event Info: Shout Out Your Story Abroad
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Event Info: Shout Out Your Story Abroad

Introduction: Have you ever studied abroad? Have you ever been shocked or embarrassed by the exotic culture or people there? Shout out your personal overseas stories with us, anything interesting, embarrassing or awkward, are welcome! If your stories enjoy the most popularity, you will get a BIG surprise! Requirement: Participants are required to submit your … Continue reading