Event Info

Event Info: Shout Out Your Story Abroad


Have you ever studied abroad? Have you ever been shocked or embarrassed by the exotic culture or people there? Shout out your personal overseas stories with us, anything interesting, embarrassing or awkward, are welcome! If your stories enjoy the most popularity, you will get a BIG surprise!


Participants are required to submit your stories and your personal picture when you were and are studying abroad to sail2012@gmail.com. Please send a doc format document with a file name including your name and your story title. (E.g. Lizza Wang_a day in church) The picture does not need to be closely related to your stories but should be taken when you were and are abroad. The picture will be your cover photo of your story. Each story should have a specific title and should not exceed 500 words. These stories must be real, otherwise they will not be accepted. Please list your overseas time period and program in your word document. We will not publicize it online if you want to keep it confidential. Please state that in your email.


Each participant’s story and picture will be posted on our website and other social media platforms within two business days after emailing. People are able to vote for their favorite stories and each of them only has three choices at a time.

Deadline: Nov. 5, 2012

Contact us:

Xiuzhi Lizza Wang  wangxz0514@gmail.com; (+1)213-453-2306

Kele Song  kele.song@gmail.com; (+1)213-400-9522

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