Story Sharing

Food Monster& Mandarine-English

Yubei Chen was taken a photo with Donald Knuth, the “father” of the analysis of algorithms. Chen attended UGVR program at Stanford University during the summer of 2011. He is now a Phd candidate of electronic engineering in UC Berkeley.

Story One: Understand clearly about which food you will order, otherwise food monster may appear on your table.

I will always have a hard time with the names of different foods in the States. And what I get are usually not what I’ve expected.

One day, I came into a Mexican restaurant and ordered two sandwiches. Trust me, I can never remember the names. While I was still curious about why I spent $20 on them, I saw two 30cm ‘sandwiches’ on my table. They then became my two days’ food.

I mean it’s always better to look around before you begin to do something.

Story Two:  Mandarine-English-mixed language is already a habit.

One of my bad manners is that I’m used to say something with my friends from China in a mandarine-English-mixed way.  I’m comfortable with such a way and feel even some of these mixtures become natural phrases in English.

So once I explained a system problem to my lab-mate,  I cant believe that he did not even know what’s ‘Windows七’. You know, I was confident with my English, and repeated it many times, fluently.

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