Political Frictions

US provokes China towards World War 3

As the US imposes far reaching sanctions against powerful countries, the provocation and aggression ratchets up towards the bombing of Iran by Israel.

We are heading towards a World War – the Nuclear Third World War.

Albert Einstein warned Humanity – he made it very clear that in this rapidly approaching war, things will become so horrific that the Fourth World War will be fought by means of sticks and stones.

The policy imperative is to try to isolate Iran by dictating the global agenda for every other country in a highly prejudicial way, placing huge pressure on CHINA & RUSSIA

Most of the public in the US are not getting ready for Nuclear World War 3

A very narrow cabal determines foreign policy within the United States [linked to the controllers of the Council on Foreign Relations (“CFR”)(Chairman Emeritus: David Rockefeller) that controls the power that controls the greatest Capital flows within the US – that power is linked to the major controllers of capital of the City of London][Rothschild (London – City of Westminster Spencer House, St James + City of London: One New Court, St Swithin’s Lane, just behind Mansion House, & very close to the Bank of England controlled by the “Bank Of England Nominees” non accountable corporation) & Rockefeller (New York)]

Other Reference: http://theintelhub.com/2011/06/26/united-states-vs-china-moving-towards-world-war-iii/

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