Our Mission

SAIL stands for “Study Abroad to achieve International Leadership”.

SAIL is a nonprofit project that encourages the young generation to study abroad to achieve international leadership. SAIL focuses on overseas experience of the young, based on conducting research, interviews and organizing events. We aim to enhance three broad goals:

  • Promote the mutual trust between youths from different countries;
  • Cultivate the awareness of international leadership among the young generation;
  • Facilitate the global exchange of students across borders.

Why do we care?

As two thumbs in the world, the United States and China has a long-term relationship. However, many frictions between two nations still exist, impeding the long-term development for both nations.

You can be an excellent leader in this complicated global environment only when you have comprehensive insights about various issues. The young generation is the pillar of our nations, and  we can rely on the youth to eliminate these frictions between two nations step by step.

We want to present the current situation of Chinese students in US and also American students in China, revealing existing problems and promising future. We hope to encourage young students to go abroad, perform the duty of culture exchange and gain the international leadership. We want to build up the bridge between the young generation and contribute to a brighter future of US and China.

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